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Pulse Transformers2043 Sản phẩm Found


Pulse Electronics Corporation

Sự miêu tả:XFRMR 1CT:2.4CT/1CT:1CT 1.20MH
Pulse Electronics Corporation
Pulse Electronics Corporation- Pulse Electronics is the electronic components partner that helps customers build the next great product by providing the needed technical solutions. Pulse has a long operating history of innovation in magnetics, antennas and connectors, as well as the ability to ramp quickly into high-quality, high-volume production. The Company serves the wireless and wireline communications, power management, military/aerospace and automotive industries. Previously, the holding and operating companies were known as Technitrol, Inc. and Pulse Engineering, respectively. Pulse is a participating member of IEEE, ATIS, ETSI, HDMI, the DSL Forum, CommNexus, and MoCA.
H6200NL Image
H5149NL Image
H1270NL Image
H5020FNLT Image
78613/4JC-R Image
  • Phần#:TTC-4093
  • Nhà sản xuất của:Tamura
  • Sự miêu tả:TRANSF HDSL 135:32 OHM 2MH
  • Trong kho:3855
TLA-3T108LF Image
78613/2C Image
78604/4MC-R Image
78602/3JC Image
T7015NLT Image
78613/4JC Image
GDE25-6-B Image
  • Phần#:GDE25-6-B
  • Nhà sản xuất của:Triad Magnetics
  • Sự miêu tả:TRANSF 1.75 OHM DUAL GATE DRIVE
  • Trong kho:5750
HX5004NLT Image
IT246 Image
  • Phần#:IT246
  • Nhà sản xuất của:Schaffner EMC Inc.
  • Sự miêu tả:XFRMR PULSE 2:1 SGL 7MH .1A
  • Trong kho:9351
78602/8MC-R Image
PE-65351NL Image
H1187NL Image
ALAN-505-T Image
  • Phần#:ALAN-505-T
  • Nhà sản xuất của:Abracon LLC
  • Sự miêu tả:PULSE XFMR 1CT:1CT 350UH SMD
  • Trong kho:29529
78615/4JC-R Image
PA0184NL Image
78601/2MC-R Image
H2017NL Image
78615/2MC Image
  • Phần#:ILR-11-0001
  • Nhà sản xuất của:Schurter Inc.
  • Trong kho:15566
HX1148NL Image
IT235 Image
H5007T Image
HX5224NL Image
  • Phần#:TTC-4023
  • Nhà sản xuất của:Tamura
  • Sự miêu tả:TRANSF HDSL 135:32 OHM 2MH SMT
  • Trong kho:3547

Pulse Transformers2043 Sản phẩm Found