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TVS - điốt51841 Sản phẩm Found


Littelfuse Inc.

Sự miêu tả:TVS DIODE 17.1VWM 27.7VC SMD
Littelfuse Inc.
Littelfuse Inc.- Littelfuse (NASDAQ: LFUS) - As the worldwide leader in circuit protection, Littelfuse offers POWR-GARD®, Teccor®, Wickmann®, Pudenz®, Hamlin®, PulseGuard®, SIDACtor®, PolySwitch, 2Pro and PolyZen branded products, with a wide range of technologies such as Fuses and Accessories, PTCs (PolySwitch), GDTs, Varistors, Polymer ESD Suppressors, Surge Protection Modules, TVS Diodes, TVS Diode Arrays (SPA® Diodes), Switching Thyristors, Power Modules, LED Protector, SIDACtor® Protection Thyristor as well as reed switches, relays and Hall Effect sensors. Littelfuse products are backed by more than 88 years of technology innovation, industry leading technical support, design and manufacturing expertise. Littelfuse products are vital components in virtually every product that uses electrical energy, including automobiles, computers, consumer electronics, handheld devices, industrial equipment, and telecom/datacom circuits.
1.5SMC20A Image
  • Phần#:1.5SMC20A
  • Nhà sản xuất của:Littelfuse Inc.
  • Sự miêu tả:TVS DIODE 17.1VWM 27.7VC SMD
  • Trong kho:283811
SM6T7V5A-M3/5B Image
1.5KE22A-B Image
CPDUR24V Image
SMP30-E3/85A Image
M15KP90AE3 Image
TV02W9V0B-G Image
20KPA204C Image
  • Phần#:20KPA204C
  • Nhà sản xuất của:Littelfuse Inc.
  • Sự miêu tả:TVS DIODE 204VWM 345.45VC AXIAL
  • Trong kho:5714
M15KP70CA Image
SA18AHE3/54 Image
SMCJ33 Image
  • Phần#:SMCJ33
  • Nhà sản xuất của:Littelfuse Inc.
  • Sự miêu tả:TVS DIODE 33VWM 55.97VC SMC
  • Trong kho:244588
SMCG8.0CAHE3/57T Image
SA11CHE3/54 Image
SMB8J28CA-E3/52 Image
P6SMB27CAT3G Image
3KP6.0CA Image
  • Phần#:3KP6.0CA
  • Nhà sản xuất của:Littelfuse Inc.
  • Sự miêu tả:TVS DIODE 6VWM 10.3VC AXIAL
  • Trong kho:3581
MAP4KE350AE3 Image
ATV50C140JB-HF Image
TV06B280J-HF Image
SMC5K10A-M3/I Image
SMCJ150A-E3/9AT Image
1KSMBJ100CA Image
SAC18-E3/73 Image
MXLP5KE54AE3 Image
1.5SMC43A Image
  • Phần#:1.5SMC43A
  • Nhà sản xuất của:Bourns Inc.
  • Sự miêu tả:TVS DIODE 36.8VWM 59.3VC DO214AB
  • Trong kho:323462
TPSMC27HE3_A/I Image
SMBJ58AE3/TR13 Image
SMAJ13HE3/61 Image
TPSMP6.8AHM3_A/H Image
SMB8J22CHE3/52 Image
CSPESD304G Image
SMBJ30E3/TR13 Image
P6KE200CAHE3/54 Image
  • Phần#:TLP13A
  • Nhà sản xuất của:Littelfuse Inc.
  • Sự miêu tả:HI-REL TVS AXL HP TLP13 UNI
  • Trong kho:4051
1N6036A Image
P6KE250CA-B Image
TV02W181B-HF Image

TVS - điốt51841 Sản phẩm Found