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Assmann WSW Components

Assmann WSW Components
Assmann WSW Components- The qualified partner for manufacturing, procurement and marketing of connectors, individual solutions and customer designed cable assemblies.
Company Development Since 1969
Today - founded in 1969 - ASSMANN WSW Components has grown into a world-wide operating specialist of electro-mechanical components, thermal management products and computer network accessories.
Service To Our Customers
ASSMANN WSW Components is one of the most important enterprise of Logistics-services for the Electronics industry and for the specialized trade distribution. ASSMANN's professionalism covers it competent development and manufacturing as well. This includes its own global network for purchasing and trading and is the basic for its logistics Management of high performance.
Continuous Quality Control
All our products have meet the ASSMANN Quality Test. ASSMANN WSW Components is certified under DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. In 2003 ASSMANN WSW Components put into action an environmental management system in accordance to DIN EN ISO 14001. We do business only with certified contractors.
AT-S-26-6/6/B-14/R Image
SCPE-G-3.00-S Image
N001-010-BK-R Image
73-7792-3 Image
AT-S-26-4/4/W-7-OE Image
  • Bölüm#:09470506049
  • Üreticiler:HARTING
  • Açıklama:RJI IP20/ 90 GEW180/0 22/73M
  • Stokta var:1507
  • Bölüm#:09457151567
  • Üreticiler:HARTING
  • Açıklama:RJI 8XAWG27/7 CLASS E IP67 PUR
  • Stokta var:710
PC6GRN20SG Image
AT-C-26-6/6/S-14/R Image
AT-C-26-4/4/B-5-OE Image
RJFSFTP61000 Image
AT-S-26-6/4/S-25 Image
  • Bölüm#:09457001173
  • Üreticiler:HARTING
  • Açıklama:RJI CABLE AWG 22/7 PCRA IP20/3
  • Stokta var:697
PCS6AW5 Image
  • Bölüm#:09457710025
  • Üreticiler:HARTING
  • Açıklama:RJI KABEL AWG 22/12XIP203M MAS
  • Stokta var:1743
  • Bölüm#:09475555162
  • Üreticiler:HARTING
  • Stokta var:1536
AT-C-26-6/6/W-5/R Image
  • Bölüm#:09457511569
  • Üreticiler:HARTING
  • Açıklama:RJI CA AWG 27/7 PCRAPUR IP207
  • Stokta var:1018
RJFSFTP60200 Image
  • Bölüm#:09477300001
  • Üreticiler:HARTING
  • Açıklama:RJI CORD 4X2AWG 26/7 ANGLED CAT5
  • Stokta var:1652
MP-64RJ45UNNE-020 Image
1-219242-6 Image
  • Bölüm#:09457011563
  • Üreticiler:HARTING
  • Açıklama:RJI 8AWG 26/7 CAT6 PVC IP20+I
  • Stokta var:1312
  • Bölüm#:09457711129
  • Üreticiler:HARTING
  • Stokta var:1522
DK-1611-015/WH Image
  • Bölüm#:17-103294
  • Üreticiler:Conec
  • Açıklama:CABLE RJ45 CAT.5E 1M BLACK
  • Stokta var:6550

Modüler Kablolar5686 Ürün Bulundu