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Acasă > Produse > Produse semiconductoare discrete > Tranzistori - Module IGBT

Tranzistori - Module IGBT1425 Produse găsite


Microsemi Corporation

Descriere:IGBT 1200V 124A 379W SOT227
Microsemi Corporation
Microsemi Corporation- Microsemi Corporation (Nasdaq: MSCC) offers a comprehensive portfolio of semiconductor and system solutions for aerospace & defense, communications, data center and industrial markets. Products include high-performance and radiation-hardened analog mixed-signal integrated circuits, FPGAs, SoCs and ASICs; power management products; timing and synchronization devices and precise time solutions, setting the world’s standard for time; voice processing devices; RF solutions; discrete components; enterprise storage and communication solutions, security technologies and scalable anti-tamper products; Ethernet solutions; Power-over-Ethernet ICs and midspans; as well as custom design capabilities and services. Microsemi is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Calif., and has approximately 4,800 employees globally.
APT75GN120JDQ3 Image
APTGT600U170D4G Image
GHIS080A060S-A2 Image
CM200DX-24A Image
APT50GF120JRDQ3 Image
APT40GF120JRDQ2 Image
CM200DY-24NF Image
CM600HA-24A Image
IXGN72N60A3 Image
  • Parte#:IXGN72N60A3
  • Producători:IXYS
  • Descriere:IGBT 160A 600V SOT-227B
  • In stoc:2954
CM1400DU-24NF Image
CPV363M4K Image
  • Parte#:MWI100-06A8
  • Producători:IXYS
  • Descriere:MOD IGBT SIXPACK RBSOA 600V E3
  • In stoc:496
APTGT50DH120TG Image
  • Parte#:MUBW10-06A6
  • Producători:IXYS
  • Descriere:MODULE IGBT CBI E1
  • In stoc:4713
APT50GT120JU2 Image
  • Parte#:VDI125-12P1
  • Producători:IXYS
  • Descriere:MOD IGBT BUCK 1200V ECO-PAC2
  • In stoc:3242
  • Parte#:IXA27IF1200HJ
  • Producători:IXYS
  • Descriere:IGBT MODULE 1200V ISOPLUS247
  • In stoc:8675
  • Parte#:MWI30-06A7
  • Producători:IXYS
  • Descriere:MOD IGBT SIXPACK RBSOA 600V E2
  • In stoc:1495
APT40GP90JDQ2 Image
APT75GT120JRDQ3 Image
IXSN55N120A Image
  • Parte#:IXSN55N120A
  • Producători:IXYS
  • Descriere:IGBT 1200V SCSOA SOT-227B
  • In stoc:3313
  • Parte#:MUBW15-12A6
  • Producători:IXYS
  • Descriere:MODULE IGBT CBI E1
  • In stoc:3369
  • Parte#:MKI50-06A7T
  • Producători:IXYS
  • Descriere:IGBT H-BRIDGE 72A 600V E2PACK
  • In stoc:1098
  • Parte#:MWI50-12A7
  • Producători:IXYS
  • Descriere:MOD IGBT SIXPACK RBSOA 1200V E2
  • In stoc:737
  • Parte#:MID400-12E4T
  • Producători:IXYS
  • Descriere:MOD IGBT RBSOA 1200V 425A Y3-LI
  • In stoc:4102
CPV363M4F Image
APT150GN120J Image

Tranzistori - Module IGBT1425 Produse găsite