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Home > Products > Resistors > Chip Resistor - Surface Mount

Chip Resistor - Surface Mount355791 Products Found



Description:RES SMD 51 OHM 0.1% 1/8W 0805
Susumu- Susumu Innovator and Specialist in Thin Film Technology: Chip Resistors, Chip Networks, Precision Resistor Networks, Chip Inductors, Delay Lines, Power Choke Coils, Current Sensors.
Today’s ICs are small, function rich and high speed. Susumu-USA’s THIN FILM components are made to meet such demands. For example, our thin–film chip resistors boast their high frequency performance into GHz range without adding any significant noise, and our chip current sensors boast excellent heat dissipation (world’s smallest current sensors for the power), and many more…
RG2012P-510-B-T5 Image
RG1608V-2320-B-T1 Image
M55342E06B59E0RWS Image
MCR03EZPFX3010 Image
CRCW12061K60FKTA Image
TNPW1206422RBETA Image
9T12062A51R0CBHFT Image
PFS35-430RF1 Image
  • Part#:PFS35-430RF1
  • Manufacturers:Riedon
  • Description:RES SMD 430 OHM 1% 35W TO263
  • In Stock:37177
9C08052A3302JLHFT Image
CRCW12183R32FKTK Image
RN73C2A5K11BTG Image
AT0805CRD07402KL Image
  • Part#:AT0805CRD07402KL
  • Manufacturers:Yageo
  • Description:RES SMD 402K OHM 0.25% 1/8W 0805
  • In Stock:656759
D55342H07B12B6RWS Image
PAT0603E53R6BST1 Image
RT0402CRD07412RL Image
  • Part#:RT0402CRD07412RL
  • Manufacturers:Yageo
  • Description:RES SMD 412 OHM 0.25% 1/16W 0402
  • In Stock:1325145
D55342H07B102DRWS Image
CRCW121827R0JNTK Image
PE2512DKM070R03L Image
RC1608F823CS Image
AC0805FR-071K65L Image
RT2512BKE0730R9L Image
D55342H07B3B48RT5 Image
RG3216N-4702-D-T5 Image
ESR25JZPF9R10 Image
CR2512-JW-390ELF Image
RT2512CKB0773K2L Image
  • Part#:RT2512CKB0773K2L
  • Manufacturers:Yageo
  • Description:RES SMD 73.2KOHM 0.25% 3/4W 2512
  • In Stock:182088
TNPW201076K8BETF Image
RR1220P-2432-D-M Image
RE0603DRE074K99L Image
  • Part#:RE0603DRE074K99L
  • Manufacturers:Yageo
  • Description:RES SMD 4.99KOHM 0.5% 1/10W 0603
  • In Stock:5730973
TNPW12101M62BEEA Image
M55342E03B4E99RWS Image
HRG3216P-1270-B-T5 Image
Y14880R02200B0R Image
MCR10EZPF1100 Image
CRCW040210K7FKEDHP Image
TRR01MZPF5111 Image
AC2010FK-0784K5L Image
TNPW0805649RBEEA Image
RT0402BRD075K23L Image
  • Part#:RT0402BRD075K23L
  • Manufacturers:Yageo
  • Description:RES SMD 5.23KOHM 0.1% 1/16W 0402
  • In Stock:142601
MMF50SFRF1K8 Image
  • Part#:MMF50SFRF1K8
  • Manufacturers:Yageo
  • Description:RES SMD 1.8K OHM 1% 1/2W MELF
  • In Stock:2630253
RG3216N-9312-B-T5 Image
RG1005N-8870-C-T10 Image
  • Part#:MMF1WSFRF150R
  • Manufacturers:Yageo
  • Description:RES SMD 150 OHM 1% 1W MELF
  • In Stock:676365
CRCW06031R74FKEAHP Image

Chip Resistor - Surface Mount355791 Products Found