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Boxes10028 Products Found


Bud Industries

Description:BOX ABS GRAY 7.08"L X 10.24"W
Bud Industries
Bud Industries- Bud Industries, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of enclosures for the electronics and data industries. Noted for innovative design, Bud Industries offers the first stackable plastic electronics enclosure, the first totally transparent NEMA-rated enclosure, and a series of portable aluminum instrument cases that provide portability in applications where it was not previously possible.
Other elements in the Bud line include products ranging from small hand held boxes to large cabinet racks and include standard electronic enclosures, custom electronic enclosures, accessories, brackets, card racks, cabinet racks, open racks, server cabinets, and co-location cabinets. These products are available in plastic or metal and can be either a standard design or designed to meet NEMA requirements. Enclosure accessories include shelves, casters, outlet strips, and fans. Modified standard and custom products are also available, as is complete design support.
PC-11482-A Image
  • Part#:9510230000
  • Manufacturers:Weidmuller
  • Description:BOX FIBERGLASS BLK 3.58"LX4.8"W
  • In Stock:813
1418N4S16 Image
CR-211 PLN Image
SE720,YL Image
  • Part#:SE720,YL
  • Manufacturers:Serpac
  • Description:CASE PLSTC YLW 19.75"L X 15.53"W
  • In Stock:624
NBB-22247 Image
1426W Image
1550QBK Image
1593JGY Image
PT-11388-G Image
1414N4SSO6 Image
54474 Image
NBF-32246 Image
R280-100-000 Image
051W,GY Image
  • Part#:051W,GY
  • Manufacturers:Serpac
  • Description:BOX ABS GRAY 5.62"L X 3.25"W
  • In Stock:5312
1553ABK Image
1591USBK Image
WM053R,GY Image
  • Part#:WM053R,GY
  • Manufacturers:Serpac
  • Description:BOX ABS GRAY 5.62"L X 3.25"W
  • In Stock:5991
1414N4SSK Image
1593HAMFREE2GY Image
02208094 Image
AC-427 Image
  • Part#:AC-427
  • Manufacturers:Bud Industries
  • Description:CHASSIS ALUM NATURAL 17"L X 10"W
  • In Stock:1045
  • Part#:SE920F,OR
  • Manufacturers:Serpac
  • Description:CASE PLSTC ORANGE 24.13"L X 16"W
  • In Stock:566
1551HGY Image
1550JBK Image
PN-1328 Image
231RI,AL Image
  • Part#:231RI,AL
  • Manufacturers:Serpac
  • Description:BOX ABS ALMOND 4.38"L X 3.25"W
  • In Stock:6112
1590STPC Image
WM093,BK Image
  • Part#:WM093,BK
  • Manufacturers:Serpac
  • Description:BOX ABS BLACK 9.5"L X 6.34"W
  • In Stock:3358
SN-3701 Image
PN-1324-CMB Image
2103 Image

Boxes10028 Products Found