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Resistor Networks, Arrays27978 producten gevonden


CTS Resistor Products

Beschrijving:RES ARRAY 15 RES 680K OHM 16SOIC
Tusonix a Subsidiary of CTS Electronic Components
Tusonix a Subsidiary of CTS Electronic Components- CTS Electronic Components is a division of CTS Corporation. The division has five product lines: Electrocomponents, Filters, Frequency Control, Resistors, and Thermal Management Solutions. The company manufactures an extensive array of frequency-control devices, ceramic RF filters and duplexers, EMI/RFI filters, capacitors, DIP and rotary switches, rotary and linear potentiometers, encoders, resistor and resistor/capacitor networks, and heat management components. With manufacturing locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Hopkinton, Massachusetts; Nogales, Mexico; Singapore; Zhongshan and Tianjin, China; and Kaohsiung, Taiwan; CTS is able to serve major markets such as medical, defense and aerospace, industrial controls, power management, HVAC, security, lighting, audio, communications, computer, and electronic networking.
768161684GPTR13 Image
4814P-T02-472 Image
77061471 Image
CAT16-682J8LF Image
767161394GPTR13 Image
CRA06E083750KJTA Image
770101331P Image
4608X-AP2-332LF Image
4310R-R2R-253LF Image
  • Deel#:AF122-FR-07511KL
  • fabrikanten:Yageo
  • Beschrijving:RES ARRAY 2 RES 511K OHM 0404
  • Op voorraad:1426842
4608X-AP1-332LF Image
742C043105JP Image
YC122-FR-0736RL Image
  • Deel#:YC122-FR-0736RL
  • fabrikanten:Yageo
  • Beschrijving:RES ARRAY 2 RES 36 OHM 0404
  • Op voorraad:6553374
CAY16-241J4LF Image
768161471G Image
4608X-102-273 Image
4604X-102-221LF Image
CAY10-150J4LF Image
4310R-101-470 Image
741X163101J Image
77061271P Image
766143822GPTR13 Image
TC164-FR-07562KL Image
  • Deel#:TC164-FR-07562KL
  • fabrikanten:Yageo
  • Beschrijving:RES ARRAY 4 RES 562K OHM 1206
  • Op voorraad:2688506
MNR14E0ABJ123 Image
4608X-102-203 Image
EXB-38V8R2JV Image
4820P-1-161 Image
YC162-FR-0723K7L Image
  • Deel#:YC162-FR-0723K7L
  • fabrikanten:Yageo
  • Beschrijving:RES ARRAY 2 RES 23.7K OHM 0606
  • Op voorraad:3536680
768141102G Image
YC124-JR-0716RL Image
  • Deel#:YC124-JR-0716RL
  • fabrikanten:Yageo
  • Beschrijving:RES ARRAY 4 RES 16 OHM 0804
  • Op voorraad:6354091
YC162-FR-0735R7L Image
  • Deel#:YC162-FR-0735R7L
  • fabrikanten:Yageo
  • Beschrijving:RES ARRAY 2 RES 35.7 OHM 0606
  • Op voorraad:2505389
CRA04S083100KJTD Image
4820P-2-224 Image
741C083331J Image
4604X-101-333LF Image
4610X-101-223 Image
MNR14E0APJ101 Image
77083684P Image
4308R-102-394 Image
766165960APTR13 Image
ORNTV50015001UF Image
CRA06S08322K0JTA Image
752091822GPTR7 Image
ORNV50012502TF Image
RACF164DJT390R Image
CRA06S083160RJTA Image

Resistor Networks, Arrays27978 producten gevonden