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Vishay Huntington Electric Inc.

Vishay Huntington Electric Inc.
Vishay Huntington Electric Inc.- Vishay’s product portfolio is an unmatched collection of discrete semiconductors (diodes, MOSFETs, and optoelectronics) and passive components (resistors, inductors, and capacitors). These components are used in virtually all types of electronic devices and equipment in the industrial, computing, automotive, consumer, telecommunications, military, aerospace, and medical markets. Vishay is proud to be a major partner with Digi-Key.
CMS16CME30K00JE Image
ERA-S27J272V Image
ERA-W33J331X Image
ERA-V39J181V Image
ERA-W33J101X Image
ERA-W27J470X Image
CMS22CME35K00JE Image
ERA-S27J271V Image
ERA-S27J101V Image
ERA-V15J680V Image
ERA-V27J821V Image
ERA-W33J151X Image
ERA-S27J472V Image
ERA-V27J221V Image
ERA-W27J331X Image
ERA-V15J271V Image
ERA-V33J102V Image
ERA-W27J181X Image
ERA-V39J221V Image
ERA-S15J181V Image
YP1047KJ Image
ERA-S15J100V Image
ERA-S27J391V Image
CMS22CME20K00JE Image
ERA-V33J681V Image
GW13J50K0E Image
  • 부품#:GW13J50K0E
  • 제조사:Ohmite
  • 기술:RES CAP BLEEDER 50K OHM 5% 13W
  • 재고:17082
CMS20CME10K00JE Image
ERA-W33J680X Image
ERA-S15J680V Image
ERA-V39J270V Image
ERA-V39J820V Image
ERA-V39J120V Image
ERA-V39J220V Image
ERA-W27J560X Image
ERA-S15J331V Image
ERA-V15J151V Image
YP102K0J Image
ERA-W27J221X Image
ERA-V33J821V Image
GW10J75K0E Image
  • 부품#:GW10J75K0E
  • 제조사:Ohmite
  • 기술:RES CAP BLEEDER 75K OHM 5% 10W
  • 재고:14101
ERA-V33J270V Image
ERA-V15J820V Image
  • 부품#:GW10J10K0E
  • 제조사:Ohmite
  • 기술:RES CAP BLEEDER 10K OHM 5% 10W
  • 재고:13177
GW10J2K50E Image
  • 부품#:GW10J2K50E
  • 제조사:Ohmite
  • 기술:RES CAP BLEEDER 2.5K OHM 5% 10W
  • 재고:18069

특수 저항기361 제품 찾기