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まず  ページ > プロダクト > ディスクリート半導体製品 > ダイオード-可変容量 (Varicaps、クタ)

ダイオード-可変容量 (Varicaps、クタ)561製品を見つけました


Diodes Incorporated

説明:DIODE VAR CAP 14.5PF 1A SOT23-3
Diodes Incorporated
Diodes Incorporated- Diodes Incorporated is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application specific standard products within the broad discrete, logic, analog and mixed-signal semiconductor markets. In November 2015, Pericom Semiconductor became a part of Diodes Incorporated strengthening its portfolio with serial high-speed switching, signal integrity, connectivity and timing solutions.
ZC931TA Image
ZC934ATA Image
MA2SV0200L Image
ZC933ATA Image
BB187,115 Image
ZC933TC Image
SMV1248-079LF Image
MA27V2200L Image
BB172X Image
  • モデル:BB172X
  • メーカー:NXP USA Inc.
  • 株式:132603
ZMV933ATC Image
BB 555 E7902 Image
MMBV109LT3G Image
MV209 Image
BB 814 E6327 GR1 Image
BB207,215 Image
MA27V0900L Image
SMV1275-079LF Image
MMBV432LT1G Image
BBY5502VH6327XTSA1 Image
MA46H070-1056 Image
BB 555-02V E7912 Image
ZC831BNTC Image
BB659CH7902XTSA1 Image
SMV1245-079LF Image
SMV1251-001LF Image
BBY 51 E6433 Image
SMV1213-079LF Image
BB178,335 Image
ZC831ATA Image
BB153,115 Image
MA27V1600L Image
ZMV932TA Image
BB135,135 Image
ZMV933TC Image
1SV228TPH3F Image
BB55502VH7902XTSA1 Image
BB143,115 Image
BBY6605WE6327HTSA1 Image
BB179B,315 Image
BB148,135 Image
BB659CH7912XTSA1 Image
BB178,135 Image
SMV1145-079LF Image
BB179,335 Image
BB 565-02V E7902 Image
BB565H7908XTSA1 Image
SVC236-TB-E Image
SMV1265-011LF Image

ダイオード-可変容量 (Varicaps、クタ)561製品を見つけました