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Casa > Prodotti > Circuiti integrati (CI) > Acquisizione dati - Potenziometri digitali

Acquisizione dati - Potenziometri digitali5076 Products Found



Descrizione:IC XDCP QUAD 64-TAP 10K 24-TSSOP
Intersil- Intersil Corporation is a leader in the design and manufacture of high performance analog semiconductors. The Company's products address some of the industry's fastest growing markets, such as: flat panel displays, cell phones, other handheld systems, and notebooks. Intersil’s product families address power management and analog signal processing functions. Intersil products include battery management ICs, hot-swap and hot-plug controllers, linear regulators, supervisory ICs, switching DC/DC regulators, power MOSFET drivers, optical storage laser diode drivers, DSL line drivers, video and high performance operational amplifiers, data converters, interface ICs, analog switches and multiplexers, crosspoint switches, voice-over-IP devices, and ICs for military, space, and radiation-hardened applications.
X9401WV24IZ Image
  • Parte#:X9401WV24IZ
  • Produttori:Intersil
  • Descrizione:IC XDCP QUAD 64-TAP 10K 24-TSSOP
  • Disponibile:3784
MCP4152-503E/P Image
X9313WPI Image
  • Parte#:X9313WPI
  • Produttori:Intersil
  • Descrizione:IC XDCP 32-TAP 10K 3-WIRE 8-DIP
  • Disponibile:4556
MCP47DA1T-A1E/OT Image
X9319US8IT1 Image
  • Parte#:X9319US8IT1
  • Produttori:Intersil
  • Descrizione:IC DIGITAL POT 50K 100TAP 8-SOIC
  • Disponibile:4415
AD5292BRUZ-100 Image
X9317TM8IZ-2.7 Image
X9401WV24I-2.7T1 Image
X9261TS24IZ-2.7T1 Image
MCP4231T-103E/ST Image
X9252YV24-2.7 Image
DS1802E+ Image
X9313UST1 Image
  • Parte#:X9313UST1
  • Produttori:Intersil
  • Descrizione:IC XDCP 32-TAP 50K 3-WIRE 8-SOIC
  • Disponibile:3356
X9116WS8Z Image
  • Parte#:X9116WS8Z
  • Produttori:Intersil
  • Descrizione:IC XDCP 16-TAP 10K CMOS 8-SOIC
  • Disponibile:54719
X9015UM8Z Image
  • Parte#:X9015UM8Z
  • Produttori:Intersil
  • Descrizione:IC XDCP SGL 32-TAP 50K 8-MSOP
  • Disponibile:46526
ISL23445UFRZ-T7A Image
X9313WMZT1 Image
  • Parte#:X9313WMZT1
  • Produttori:Intersil
  • Descrizione:IC XDCP 32-TAP 10K 3-WIRE 8-MSOP
  • Disponibile:26691
CAT5126ZI-00-GT3 Image
X9259US24Z-2.7T1 Image
MCP4231T-502E/SL Image
X9116WM8Z-2.7T1 Image
AD5172BRM10 Image
ADN2850BCPZ25 Image
X9313ZPI Image
  • Parte#:X9313ZPI
  • Produttori:Intersil
  • Descrizione:IC XDCP 32-TAP 1K 3-WIRE 8-DIP
  • Disponibile:3380
X9251UV24 Image
  • Parte#:X9251UV24
  • Produttori:Intersil
  • Descrizione:IC XDCP QUAD 256TAP 50K 24-TSSOP
  • Disponibile:3226
WMS7170050S Image
AD5161BRM50-RL7 Image
DS1868-50 Image
X9401WS24Z-2.7T1 Image
X93256WV14IZ-2.7 Image
X9410WV24I-2.7 Image
MCP40D19T-503E/LT Image
MCP4231-103E/ML Image
X9259TS24IZ-2.7 Image
AD5170BRM100 Image
X9317TV8 Image
  • Parte#:X9317TV8
  • Produttori:Intersil
  • Descrizione:IC XDCP 100TAP 100K 3WIRE 8TSSOP
  • Disponibile:3875
MCP4152-104E/P Image
ISL22329UFU10Z Image
ISL22424TFV14Z-TK Image
X9317WS8ZT1 Image
  • Parte#:X9317WS8ZT1
  • Produttori:Intersil
  • Descrizione:IC XDCP SGL 100TAP 10K 8-SOIC
  • Disponibile:22391
MCP4252T-104E/UN Image
X9315WMIZ Image
  • Parte#:X9315WMIZ
  • Produttori:Intersil
  • Descrizione:IC XDCP 32-TAP 10K 3WIRE 8-MSOP
  • Disponibile:18671
DS1669-100+ Image
AD7376ARUZ50-REEL7 Image
X9260US24Z-2.7 Image
ISL23415UFUZ-T7A Image
ISL22416WFRT10Z-TK Image
MCP4242T-503E/UN Image
X9317WM8I-2.7 Image

Acquisizione dati - Potenziometri digitali5076 Products Found