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Accueil > Des produits > Alimentations électriques - Externe / interne (hor > AC DC puissance Configurable d’alimentation châssi

AC DC puissance Configurable d’alimentation châssi80 Produits trouvés


Excelsys Technologies Ltd

La description:POWER CHASSIS 750W 4 SLOT
Excelsys Technologies Ltd
Excelsys Technologies Ltd- Excelsys Technologies Ltd. is a modern and progressive world-class power supply company providing quality products to OEM equipment manufacturers around the world. Excelsys has achieved this by combining the latest technology, management methods and total customer service philosophy with a 20 year tradition of reliable and innovative switch mode power supply design, manufacture and sales. Excelsys Technologies Ltd. formerly traded as Delaire Ltd.
Excelsys is located in a modern factory, with a highly skilled staff who take pride in their ability to provide total customer satisfaction. We achieve this through quality of service and product and by offering a superior price performance ratio solution to our customers' needs. Where advice, support and high quality power solutions are needed, Excelsys excels!
XLD-01 Image
XHB-00 Image
XLDC01 Image
XLC-00 Image
XCD-00 Image
XLB-00 Image
XCE-00 Image
XHA-00 Image
XCBC01 Image
XCB-01 Image
XCA-00 Image
XMC-01 Image
XLD-00 Image
XLBC01 Image
XMB-01 Image
XWC-01 Image
XLA-01 Image
XLA-00 Image
C650H Image
  • Partie#:C650H
  • Fabricants:Sanken
  • La description:PWR SUPPLY BASE DC MOD 650W
  • En stock:334
XLB-01 Image
XMA-01 Image
XCE-01 Image
XTA-01 Image
XBC-01 Image
UX4 Image
XVA-01 Image
XWA-01 Image
XKA-00 Image
XNB-01 Image
XCD-01 Image
XQB-00 Image
XMD-01 Image
XVE-01 Image
XZB-00 Image
XFCS01 Image
XCB-00 Image
XBA-01 Image
XRB-00 Image
CX06S-0000-N-A Image
XCEC01 Image
CS06S-0000-N-B Image
C450H Image
  • Partie#:C450H
  • Fabricants:Sanken
  • La description:PWR SUPPLY UNIT BASE 450W
  • En stock:348
CX06M-0000-N-A Image

AC DC puissance Configurable d’alimentation châssi80 Produits trouvés