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Accueil > Des produits > Optoélectronique > Modules d'affichage - LCD, OLED Character and Nume

Modules d'affichage - LCD, OLED Character and Nume953 Produits trouvés



La description:LCD MOD 16X2 CHAR STN W/BKLT GN
Varitronix- Established in 1978 by a group of academics from Hong Kong's universities, Varitronix Ltd. has grown to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD). A determination to provide a premium service, as well as a premium product has seen the company grow steadily to the point in 1991 when our associated holding company, Varitronix International Limited, was successfully launched on the Hong Kong stock exchange.
From the outset Varitronix has been a research-driven company, working with customers to develop advanced LCD products for a broad range of markets,including sophisticated commercial, industrial, medical and military display products. These products range from simple LCD displays to complete turnkey assemblies for many of the worlds leading OEM manufacturers. The emphasis on providing products of the highest quality was instrumental in Varitronix gaining ISO 9001 certification in March 1995.
Product line includes: Standard & Custom Graphic, Dot-Matrix, LCD Glass, Modules and Turnkey Systems. We offer the latest technologies in: Twisted-Nematic (TN), High-Twist (HTN), Super-Twist (STN), Extended-Temp. STN, Black & White Film-Compensated STN, Double STN, Guest-Host, Heilmeier Displays and Touch-Sensitive Screen.
LCM-S01601DTR Image
EA SER204-92HNLED Image
NHD-0216K1Z-FSPG-GBW-L Image
NHD-0216K1Z-FSW-GBW-L Image
398 Image
30058 Image
  • Partie#:30058
  • Fabricants:Parallax Inc.
  • La description:SER LCD 4X20 W/KEYBRD INTERFACE
  • En stock:3482
MDLS-16264-SS-LV-G-LED04G Image
VIM-503-DP-FC-S-HV Image
NHD-0220DZ-NSW-FBW Image
LCD-S101D30TR Image
LK204-25-422-IY-E Image
LK202-25-USB-FG Image
NHD-0208BZ-FSW-GBW-33V3 Image
LCD-09393 Image
NHD-0216K1Z-NSR-FBW-L Image
LK162-12-R Image
VI-301-DP-RC-S Image
MDLS-20464-SS-LV-G-LED-04-G Image
NHD-0420DZW-AY5 Image
NHD-0208AZ-RN-GBW Image
LCM-S01601DSF Image
LK162-12-V Image
NHD-0420AZ-FL-YBW-33V3 Image
MDLS-16465-SS-LV-G Image
NHD-0220DZ-NSW-BBW Image
NHD-0216PZ-FL-YBW-PC Image

Modules d'affichage - LCD, OLED Character and Nume953 Produits trouvés