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Disques flash USB190 Produits trouvés



La description:USB FLASH DRIVE 16GB SLC USB 2.0
SwissbitHeadquartered in Bronschhofen, Switzerland, Swissbit AG is the largest independent DRAM module and Flash storage manufacturer in Europe. Swissbit is a global leader in technology supplying High Quality Memory solutions to the Industrial, Embedded, Telecommunications, Military, Automotive, and Aerospace markets. Swissbit was created from a management buy-out from Siemens Memory Products in 2001 and has over 18 years of combined knowledge and experience in the memory industry. Our commitment to high quality, reliability, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing is what enables our customers and partners to enjoy a constant source of supply and product commitment for their past, current, and future requirements.
Swissbit strives to create innovative technologies for future market opportunities utilizing a highly skilled in-house product research and development team. Swissbit maintains a marketing edge by continuing to manufacture world-class high quality memory products and providing customers with both high value and low cost of ownership achieved through efficient processes and procedures.
With R&D facilities in both Switzerland and Germany, 100% of the product portfolio is manufactured and tested in Germany. In addition to devices, Swissbit offers comprehensive solutions and options that include lifetime software monitoring software, custom SPD Programming, conformal coating and proprietary heat-dissipation solutions. The combination of innovative technology, an experienced manufacturing group, and test processes enables Swissbit to find tailor-made solutions for its customers.
SFU216GBE1BP2MT-C-QT-131-STD Image
APHA016GAG0CG-2T Image
APHA512MR23CG-2T Image
AP8GAH321R Image
SFU24096E3BP2TO-C-DT-121-STD Image
VTDU24CC032G-100 Image
APHA512MR13CG-2T Image
APHA016GAG0EG-2T Image
APHA008GAG0CG-2T Image
APHA512MT13EG-2T Image
APHA008GT23EG-2T Image
APHA008GAG0EG-2T Image
AP32GAH322B Image
APHA128MR23CG-2T Image
AP4GAH322B Image
APHA001GAG0CG-1T Image
APHA016GR23CG-CM Image
AP8GAH322B Image
APHA256MAG0CG-2T Image
SFU24096E3BP2TO-I-DT-121-STD Image
APHA008GR23CG-2T Image
APHA016GR13CG-CM Image
APHA032GR13CG-2T Image
SFU28192E3BP2TO-I-QT-121-STD Image
APHA004GR23CG-CM Image
APHA001GAG0EG-2T Image
APHA016GR23CG-2T Image
APHA128MT13EG-2T Image
AP2GAH322B Image
APHA002GAG0CG-2T Image
APHA512MAG0CG-2T Image
SFU216GBE1BP2MT-I-QT-131-STD Image

Disques flash USB190 Produits trouvés