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TE Connectivity ALCOSWITCH Switches

TE Connectivity ALCOSWITCH Switches
TE Connectivity ALCOSWITCH SwitchesTE Connectivity ALCOSWITCH, formerly Tyco Electronics ALCOSWITCH offers a broad range of high quality electronic component products. We offer solutions for OEM applications, utility/energy, outside plant and premise networking installations and more. Products from well-known brand names include connectors/interconnection systems, terminal blocks, relays, electronic modules, circuit protection devices, fiber optic components, wire and cable, switches, wireless components, sensors, printed circuit boards, touchscreens and application tooling. We also provide products to insulate, protect, hold, bundle and identify electrical harnesses.
TE Connectivity can provide virtually any type of switch you need. From miniature printed circuit board mounted DIP switches to rugged oil-tight switches for industrial controls, we provide reliable, cost-effective performance. ALCOSWITCH products also include knobs, boot, caps and other accessories.
KB500A1/4 Image
JD-75-1-5 Image
JD-75-3-5 Image
4200-C Image
OESA-75-4-5 Image
8559 Image
OEDA-75-4-6 Image
DD-63-3-6 Image
0025AN Image
OEJNI-90-2-7 Image
DDS-63-2-6 Image
OESA-90-4-7 Image
1910-G Image
PKS1105B101/4 Image
KPN500B1/8 Image
11K5013-KFNB Image
11K5013-KCNG Image
4106-G Image
ML-90-4-7 Image
JD-50-1-7 Image
DDSPT-75-2-7 Image
DDS-90-1-5 Image
1940BJ Image
OEJA-63-3-6 Image
  • Partie#:5475E
  • Fabricants:Ohmite
  • La description:KNOB INSTRUMENT THERMOSET 1/4"
  • En stock:28546
11K5029-JMNB Image
JD-90-4-6 Image
PKA50B1/4 Image
OEDNI-63-3-5 Image
DD-63-3-7 Image
KLN1250A1/4 Image
OESA-75-3-6 Image
  • Partie#:5921E
  • Fabricants:Ohmite
  • En stock:9619
  • Partie#:5521E
  • Fabricants:Ohmite
  • La description:KNOB POINTER THERMOSET 1/4"
  • En stock:24099
OESA-50-2-7 Image
ML-50-2-5 Image
OEDL-50-2-6 Image
OEJNI-63-3-6 Image
ML-63-3-6 Image
JD-63-1-5 Image

Boutons1476 Produits trouvés