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Haut-parleurs1445 Produits trouvés


PUI Audio, Inc.

La description:SPEAKER 8OHM 2W 84DB 28X40MM
PUI Audio, Inc.
PUI Audio, Inc.- PUI Audio, Inc. is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of quality audio devices and components including buzzers, alerts and transducers. Corporate offices, product development, engineering, sales and customer service are located in Dayton, Ohio.
Our growth and product innovation are the results of listening to our customers. With an extensive network of sales representatives, agents and distributors, we provide products and services throughout the world.
Whether your needs are for an off-the-shelf product or a custom design, Projects Unlimited has your sound solution.
AS04008PS-4W-R Image
DX20BF00-04 Image
TA6FC00-08 Image
CMS-34348N Image
  • Partie#:CMS-34348N
  • Fabricants:CUI Inc.
  • La description:SPEAKER, 34 MM SQUARE, 14.5 MM D
  • En stock:8494
TC8FD02-04 Image
  • Partie#:ED-21912-000
  • Fabricants:Knowles
  • La description:SPKR Z=725OHM SS PORT ON EDGE
  • En stock:3547
2403 260 00087 Image
CLS0301MA-L152 Image
GA0771M Image
  • Partie#:GA0771M
  • Fabricants:CUI Inc.
  • La description:SPEAKER ALNICO 8OHM 1W 77MM RND
  • En stock:19269
SP-1609S-1 Image
CB-23817-000 Image
  • Partie#:CB-23817-000
  • Fabricants:Knowles
  • La description:SPEAKR Z=48OHM SS PORT ON EDGE
  • En stock:1982
AS01808MR-LW152-R Image
AS07108PO-WR-R Image
AS09008PO-WR-R Image
DFK-30059-000 Image
GA0666 Image
  • Partie#:GA0666
  • Fabricants:CUI Inc.
  • La description:SPEAKER ALNICO 8OHM .5W 66MM SQR
  • En stock:27786
SP-1813 Image
PHF-23854-000 Image
PLS-65F25AL01-02 Image
CI-22764-000 Image
CMR-150632-2-SP Image
DA25BG08-04 Image
AS04004PO-2-LW152-R Image
TA6FD00-04 Image
CMS0231KLX Image
  • Partie#:CMS0231KLX
  • Fabricants:CUI Inc.
  • La description:SPEAKER 8 OHMS 2W 23X23MM
  • En stock:9654
GA0576 Image
  • Partie#:GA0576
  • Fabricants:CUI Inc.
  • La description:SPEAKER ALNICO 8OHM .25W 57MM SQ
  • En stock:22304
AS01508AO-SC-WP-R Image
DX25BG60-04 Image

Haut-parleurs1445 Produits trouvés