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Näytön kehykset, linssit78 Tuotteet löytyi

EA 0FP130-6SW

Electronic Assembly GmbH

EA 0FP130-6SW
Electronic Assembly GmbH
Electronic Assembly GmbH- Electronic Assembly markets a broad spectrum of top-quality industrial displays to customers in a number of industries ranging from process automation and machinery manufacturing to IT. A high level of vertical integration enables the company to keep a large portion of the value-add chain in-house. Because Electronic Assembly offers all the familiar advantages of a Mid-tier company, it has the flexibility to accommodate the wide-ranging needs of its customers.
The product portfolio extends from simple seven-segment instrumentation displays to sophisticated color touchpanel displays for use as HMI or in complex system controllers. The wide-ranging portfolio includes products designed for extremely low power consumption as well as display modules for special markets and applications such as Cyrillic fonts.
EA 0FP130-6SW Image
BEZ-204A-V1-W-KIT Image
EA 017-1UKE Image
6203010 Image
6201040 Image
6203020 Image
6303010 Image
4D-BEZEL-70B Image
6202040 Image
6301050 Image
6303060 Image
6203050 Image
  • Osa#:6203050
  • valmistajat:PRD Plastics
  • Kuvaus:LENS 3.6" W/ 3.268X.732" WINDOW
  • Varastossa:77693
4DBEZEL-43B Image
EA 017-14UKE Image
BEZ-202C-V1-W-OEM Image
6202030 Image
EA 0FP241-7SW Image
6302010 Image
6202020 Image
EA 017-2UKE Image
6101010 Image
  • Osa#:6101010
  • valmistajat:PRD Plastics
  • Kuvaus:BEZEL 1.8" BLK PLAS W/O LENS 3PC
  • Varastossa:32283
EA 017-17UKE Image
EA 017-7UKE Image
6201050 Image
  • Osa#:6201050
  • valmistajat:PRD Plastics
  • Kuvaus:LENS 1.8" WITH 1.0X.875" WINDOW
  • Varastossa:22413
6202010 Image
4D-BEZEL-70W Image
5001-200103 Image
6301020 Image
  • Osa#:6301020
  • valmistajat:PRD Plastics
  • Kuvaus:BEZEL LOPRO 1.8"W/1.0X.87WINDOW
  • Varastossa:32833
EA 0FP801-70SW Image
6303030 Image
EA 017-25KE Image
EA 017-13UKE Image
6103010 Image
  • Osa#:6103010
  • valmistajat:PRD Plastics
  • Kuvaus:BEZEL 3.6" BLK PLAS W/O LENS 5PC
  • Varastossa:20381
6302030 Image
  • Osa#:6302030
  • valmistajat:PRD Plastics
  • Kuvaus:BEZEL LOPROF 2.5W/2.57X.543 WIND
  • Varastossa:12952
4DBEZEL-43W Image
4DBEZEL-32B Image
6201020 Image
EA 017-6UKE Image
6203040 Image
6302020 Image
  • Osa#:6302020
  • valmistajat:PRD Plastics
  • Kuvaus:BEZEL LOPRO 2.5"W/2.4X.630WINDOW
  • Varastossa:15607
4DBEZEL-32W Image
6203060 Image
  • Osa#:6203060
  • valmistajat:PRD Plastics
  • Kuvaus:LENS 3.6" W/ 3.675X.622" WINDOW
  • Varastossa:64499
29369 Image
  • Osa#:29369
  • valmistajat:3M
  • Varastossa:868
BEZ-204A-V1-W-OEM Image
  • Osa#:SA2612/6
  • valmistajat:Bulgin
  • Kuvaus:BEZEL LCD 28MM X 87.5MM
  • Varastossa:6446
6303020 Image
EA 0FP321-8SW Image
EA 017-9UKE Image

Näytön kehykset, linssit78 Tuotteet löytyi