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Alumiinikondensaattorit95080 Tuotteet löytyi



Kuvaus:CAP ALUM 220UF 20% 420V SNAP
EPCOS (TDK)- EPCOS products are part of the product portfolio of TDK Corporation, one of the leading manufacturers of electronic components, modules, systems and devices. The broad portfolio of passive electronic components includes capacitors, ferrites, inductors, and high-frequency components such as surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter products, piezo and protection components, and sensors. These components are marketed under the product brands TDK and EPCOS.
ECO-S2WB331EA Image
MAL213835221E3 Image
UVP2A100MPD1TD Image
EMVH500ADA330MHA0G Image
ELXZ6R3ELL472MK30S Image
LLS2E331MELA Image
860160275033 Image
LGN2P561MELB25 Image
MAL215099912E3 Image
HVMLS213M010EA1C Image
URU2F470MRD Image
CGS513U050X5R Image
SN470M035ST Image
EMZA630ADA330MHA0G Image
UCS2W470MNY9 Image
EEE-HB1E4R7R Image
B41570E9109Q Image
EEE-HD1E101AP Image
UVR0J332MPD1TD Image
B43705B5338M Image
381LR271M400J452 Image
450USG120MEFCSN20X35 Image
CGS332T350X5L Image
200HXC1500MEFCSN35X40 Image
UPJ1E471MHD6 Image
25MH547MEFCT56.3X5 Image
EEE-1CA471P Image
ELXV101ETE101MK20S Image
ECE-A0GKA331I Image
UVY1V222MHD1TN Image

Alumiinikondensaattorit95080 Tuotteet löytyi