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Transformadores de audio529 Productos Encontrados



Descripción:TRANSF TELE COUP 600:600 90MADC
Tamura- Established in 1951, Microtran Corporation manufactured high-quality, magnetic components for both commercial and military applications. Offshore facilities provided expanded manufacturing capabilities on an extremely cost-effective basis for large volume requirements. Modified catalog items and custom designs were available on special order to meet customers' exact requirements.
Tamura Corporation of America acquired Microtran's product line and customer base in 1994. Prior to this acquisition, Tamura had been a subcontractor for Microtran for at least ten years and had manufactured many of the products found in the Microtran catalog. Since the acquisition, Tamura has combined identical and similar products into one product bearing a dual marking of both the Tamura and Microtran part numbers. This "dual marking" has enabled Tamura to continue to supply customers whose drawings referenced only the Microtran part number.
TTC-143 Image
  • Parte#:TTC-143
  • Fabricantes:Tamura
  • Descripción:TRANSF TELE COUP 600:600 90MADC
  • En stock:10274
TTC-5007 Image
  • Parte#:TTC-5007
  • Fabricantes:Tamura
  • Descripción:TRANSFORMER COUPLING 600:530 OHM
  • En stock:4427
125ASE Image
141D Image
MET-24 Image
  • Parte#:MET-24
  • Fabricantes:Tamura
  • Descripción:TRANSFORMER 1.5KCT:600 3.0MADC
  • En stock:7244
  • Parte#:TTC-03
  • Fabricantes:Tamura
  • Descripción:TRANSF TELE COUP 600CT:600CT
  • En stock:9170
TTC-5006 Image
  • Parte#:TTC-5006
  • Fabricantes:Tamura
  • Descripción:TRANSFORMER COUPLING 600:374 OHM
  • En stock:4701
117J4 Image
125B Image
SP-49-B Image
101P Image
TY-401P-B Image
SP-33-B Image
MET-42 Image
  • Parte#:MET-42
  • Fabricantes:Tamura
  • Descripción:TRANSFORMER 150:12 10.0MADC
  • En stock:4279
117F8 Image
SP-42 Image
MET-23-T Image
117K32 Image
  • Parte#:TV106
  • Fabricantes:Tamura
  • Descripción:TRANS TEL 600 OHM .60 INS.LOSS
  • En stock:4203
108F Image
MET-59-T Image
MET-11-T Image
117G16 Image
MET-26 Image
  • Parte#:MET-26
  • Fabricantes:Tamura
  • Descripción:TRANSFORMER 1KCT:1KCT 3.0MADC
  • En stock:7639
125BSE Image
140QEX Image
125E Image
106C Image
SP-4 Image
  • Parte#:SP-4
  • Fabricantes:Triad Magnetics
  • Descripción:TRANSF 200K CT/1K CT AUDIO
  • En stock:2287
MET-32-T Image
125J Image
140MEX Image

Transformadores de audio529 Productos Encontrados