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RFQs / Order
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Casa > Productos > Productos Semiconductores Discretos > Transistores-bipolar (BJT)-RF

Transistores-bipolar (BJT)-RF1301 Productos Encontrados


Fairchild/ON Semiconductor

Descripción:TRANS RF NPN 15V 50MA TO-92
Fairchild/ON Semiconductor
Fairchild/ON Semiconductor- Fairchild is now part of ON Semiconductor
Together, we deliver a more extensive product portfolio of power discretes, ICs and power modules, plus a complete offering of low, mid and high voltage products across the entire voltage spectrum which means more choices for your designs. Together, we provide a stronger presence in the key markets of automotive, industrial and wireless, combined with increased technical and sales support.
PN3563_D26Z Image
NE677M04-T2-A Image
  • Parte#:NE677M04-T2-A
  • Fabricantes:CEL
  • Descripción:RF TRANSISTOR NPN SOT-343F
  • En stock:94759
2SC4098T106P Image
BFR 183W E6327 Image
BFP 193 E6327 Image
BFS17,235 Image
BFS17PE6327HTSA1 Image
BFR193WH6327XTSA1 Image
BFU725F,115 Image
KSC1674COBU Image
BFP450H6433XTMA1 Image
2SC5231A-9-TL-E Image
NE85639-T1-A Image
  • Parte#:NE85639-T1-A
  • Fabricantes:CEL
  • Descripción:RF TRANSISTOR NPN SOT-143
  • En stock:3000
PN3563_D74Z Image
BFG94,115 Image
2SC4226-T1-A Image
  • Parte#:2SC4226-T1-A
  • Fabricantes:CEL
  • Descripción:RF TRANSISTOR NPN SOT-323
  • En stock:3956
NE68133-T1B-R34-A Image
BFQ591,115 Image
MRF422 Image
HFA3127RZ Image
  • Parte#:HFA3127RZ
  • Fabricantes:Intersil
  • Descripción:IC TRANS ARRAY 5X NPN 16-QFN
  • En stock:7142
MS1649 Image
BFP720FESDH6327XTSA1 Image
NE662M04-A Image
  • Parte#:NE662M04-A
  • Fabricantes:CEL
  • Descripción:RF TRANSISTOR NPN SOT-343F
  • En stock:51436
BF959RL1G Image
BFG540W/X,115 Image
EC4H09C-TL-H Image
NE67818-T1-A Image
  • Parte#:NE67818-T1-A
  • Fabricantes:CEL
  • Descripción:RF TRANSISTOR NPN SOT-343
  • En stock:101307
NE68033-T1B-A Image
  • Parte#:NE68033-T1B-A
  • Fabricantes:CEL
  • Descripción:RF TRANSISTOR NPN SOT-23
  • En stock:3000
MRF5812G Image
KSC1674COTA Image
NE68033-T1B-R45-A Image
BFU530WF Image
  • Parte#:BFU530WF
  • Fabricantes:NXP USA Inc.
  • Descripción:TRANS RF NPN 12V 40MA SOT-323
  • En stock:447847
BFR93AWH6327XTSA1 Image
UPA806T-T1-A Image
  • Parte#:UPA806T-T1-A
  • Fabricantes:CEL
  • En stock:92593
NE68130-T1-A Image
  • Parte#:NE68130-T1-A
  • Fabricantes:CEL
  • Descripción:RF TRANSISTOR NPN SOT-323
  • En stock:109772
MCH4020-TL-E Image
BFU530XAR Image
BFP 740F E6327 Image
BFU630F,115 Image
BFU610F,115 Image
SD1275 Image

Transistores-bipolar (BJT)-RF1301 Productos Encontrados