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Resonadores779 Productos Encontrados


Murata Electronics North America

Descripción:CER RES 8.0000MHZ 10PF SMD
Murata Electronics North America
Murata Electronics North America- Murata is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced electronic materials, leading edge electronic components, and multi-functional, high-density modules. Murata innovations can be found in a wide range of applications from mobile phones to home appliances, and automotive applications to energy management systems and healthcare devices.
CSTCE8M00G52Z-R0 Image
PBRC6.00HR50X000 Image
EFJ-N3205J5B Image
ZTBF500E Image
  • Parte#:ZTBF500E
  • Fabricantes:ECS Inc.
  • Descripción:CER RES 500.0000KHZ SMD
  • En stock:1000
  • Parte#:B39321R981U410
  • Fabricantes:N/A
  • Descripción:SAW RES 315.0000MHZ SMD
  • En stock:138797
AWSZT-33.00CW-T Image
ECS-HFR-40.00-B-TR Image
PBRC-14.32BR07 Image
CCR24.0MYC7B05T1 Image
EFO-H224MS03 Image
  • Parte#:B39801R2712U310
  • Fabricantes:N/A
  • Descripción:SAW RES 804.5000MHZ SMD
  • En stock:3741
ZTA-3.58MG Image
  • Parte#:ZTA-3.58MG
  • Fabricantes:ECS Inc.
  • Descripción:CER RES 3.5800MHZ T/H
  • En stock:115765
  • Parte#:B39431R806H210
  • Fabricantes:N/A
  • Descripción:RESONATOR SAW CER 433.42MHZ SMD
  • En stock:3266
ZTA-4.00MG Image
  • Parte#:ZTA-4.00MG
  • Fabricantes:ECS Inc.
  • Descripción:CER RES 4.0000MHZ T/H
  • En stock:137159
RO3073A Image
ZTA-2.00MG Image
  • Parte#:ZTA-2.00MG
  • Fabricantes:ECS Inc.
  • Descripción:CER RES 2.0000MHZ T/H
  • En stock:126067
PBRV4.19MR50Y000 Image
CSTLS8M00G53-B0 Image
  • Parte#:B39401R983U410
  • Fabricantes:N/A
  • Descripción:SAW RES 403.5500MHZ SMD
  • En stock:88739
CSTLS16M0X51-A0 Image
EFO-SS6004E5 Image
AWSZT-32.00CW-T Image
ECS-SDR1-3150-TR Image
EFO-PS4004E5 Image
PRQC12.00CR5010X000 Image
EFO-MC1005A4 Image
FCR16.0M6T Image
PBRV4.91MR10Y000 Image
HWZT-2.00MD Image
PRQC10.00CR1010V00L Image
EFO-MC3584A4 Image
PBRV20.00HR50Y000 Image
  • Parte#:B39321R922H110
  • Fabricantes:N/A
  • Descripción:SAW RES 321.0000MHZ SMD
  • En stock:3508
AWSZT-48.00CW-T Image
AWSCR-25.00CW-T Image
AWSCR-25.00MTD-T Image
CSTCW32M0X51-R0 Image
PBRC4.19HR10X000 Image
ECS-CR2-20.00-A-TR Image
CSTCR7M20G53-R0 Image
CSTCC2M00G53A-R0 Image
FCR24.0M6T Image
CSTCR4M00G55-R0 Image
AWSCR-3.58MGD-T Image
PBRC-3.69BR Image
CSTCR7M37G53-R0 Image
ECS-HFR-25.00-B-TR Image

Resonadores779 Productos Encontrados