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Testpunkte276 Produkte gefunden



Beschreibung:CLIP TERM HD ON 6-32 POST VLT
E-Z-Hook- E-Z-Hook is a leading manufacturer of electronic test products and is known throughout the industry for quality parts, rapid response, and custom manufacturing capabilities. A privately owned company, E-Z-Hook was founded in 1956 when the first E-Z-Hook was manufactured and patented. Since 1970 the current owner has expanded E-Z-Hook's product line, and today offers over 10,000 parts and assemblies, as well as custom manufacturing services.
E-Z-Hook services a wide variety of industries including electronic, electrical, automotive, telecommunication, medical, and industrial. E-Z-Hook's robust product line includes test leads to various interfaces, jumpers, coaxial adaptors (i.e. double banana, BNC, N, TNC), conventional test lead interfaces (i.e. banana jacks and plugs, alligator clips, hooks), wire and cable assemblies, various sized hooks, insulation piercing hooks and clips, harness board nails, nail clips, oscilloscope and test probes, multi-lead assemblies, and kits. E-Z-Hook product lines are constructed from such quality products as Beryllium Copper, Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel, Gold or Nickel Plating, and Nylon. Most items are constructed to be field repairable. Most products are available in 10 colors, and many are available in kilo-color® (1000 color combinations to choose from) for easy identification in a testing environment. All jumpers, leads, and cables are available for order in various lengths and wire gauge. E-Z-Hook also offers test connectors in non-magnetic and high temperature versions.
  • Teil#:8607-6VLT
  • Hersteller:E-Z-Hook
  • Beschreibung:CLIP TERM HD ON 6-32 POST VLT
  • Auf Lager:19760
  • Teil#:8607-4WTE
  • Hersteller:E-Z-Hook
  • Beschreibung:CLIP TERM HD ON 4-40 POST WHITE
  • Auf Lager:14590
5008 Image
5017 Image
11001-B Image
11002-B Image
129-0701-301 Image
680 Image
11007 Image
  • Teil#:8607-10ORN
  • Hersteller:E-Z-Hook
  • Beschreibung:CLIP TERM HD ON 10-32 POST ORNG
  • Auf Lager:15918
129-0701-202 Image
11004-R Image
  • Teil#:8607-10BLK
  • Hersteller:E-Z-Hook
  • Beschreibung:CLIP TERM HD ON 10-32 POST BLCK
  • Auf Lager:18189
6050 Image
  • Teil#:8607-8VLT
  • Hersteller:E-Z-Hook
  • Beschreibung:CLIP TERM HD ON 8-32 POST VLT
  • Auf Lager:16355
5126 Image
105-2201-201 Image
11008-B Image
1046 Image
86-1-S RED Image
  • Teil#:86-1-S RED
  • Hersteller:E-Z-Hook
  • Auf Lager:5499
129-0701-201 Image
5122 Image
6062 Image
81-1-S VLT Image
  • Teil#:81-1-S VLT
  • Hersteller:E-Z-Hook
  • Auf Lager:7139
S1751-46R Image
11012-B Image
5116 Image
  • Teil#:8607-10GRY
  • Hersteller:E-Z-Hook
  • Beschreibung:CLIP TERM HD ON 10-32 POST GRAY
  • Auf Lager:14265
5000 Image
11003-R Image
1035 Image
1033 Image
11005-B Image
86-1-S-VLT Image
  • Teil#:86-1-S-VLT
  • Hersteller:E-Z-Hook
  • Auf Lager:6430
11008-R Image
RCW-0C Image
4950 Image
11010-B Image
11002 Image
4955 Image
5012 Image
5124 Image

Testpunkte276 Produkte gefunden